Colonial Nations

Millitary structured colony, all citizens are members of the military, conscripted at the age of 12 to join in the war-effort from combat roles to support. Duty and honor are key aspects to the social structure of Centuria. In times of peace they often support other colonies in their war efforts with man power and equipment. They are by far the leading producer of military technology.

Govt: Totalitarian
Social: Conscription, structured duty bound
Tech: Military, Battlesuits, Gauss weaponry
Economy: Mercenaries, arms exports
Flaw: Honorbound, battlelust
Character options: Wartech
B28 Combat suit
-+1 sm
-Lifting ST +12
-Striking ST +8
-Ham-fisted (DX-3)
-Laser Torch(ut80)
-Waste relief system(ut187)
-Filter mask(ut177)
-Hearing protection(ut171)
-Small radio (ut44)
DB 3
DR/HP 45/100
8 Lbs

Name Location DR Cost Wgt Power LC
B28 All 30 50,000 200 E/6 hr 3
Bulwark Arm DB3 45/100 1000 8

Gauss weaponry

Weapon Damage Acc Range Wgt RoF Shots ST Blk Rcl Cost LC Notes
GUNSpi- 7+2 1200/4800 20/7 20 300(5) 12Bt -5 2 13000 1 3
Gauss Rifle, 4mm 6d+2(3)pi 7+2 1200/4800 8.5/1.5 12 60(3) 10t -4 2 7100 2 3
Sniper Railgun, 7mm 6dx2(3)pi 7+3 2400/1000 20/1.5 1 30(3) 11Bt -6 2 18000 2 4
GUNS Pistol
Gauss Pistol, 4mm 3d(3)pi- 3 500/ 2100 2/.05 3 40(3) 9 -2 2 1700 3 3
3C cell
4D cell
Ammo Wgt Per shot Cost per shot
4mm .004 $0.20
7mm .024 $1.20

Template: 4points; -1 IQ 1 ST +1 HT; +1Per SM1; Adv: Combat Reflexes(15) Dis: Sense of Duty Centuria(-5) Berserk(-10)

Governed by three corporations the different corporate structures vie for control of the colonies. This leaves some room for competition where sometimes their powers wane none truly gains a huge lead over the others. Often they engage in espionage against each other keeping the status qou alive. Almost every citizen has some manner of body enhancement. Their employers and often from their own purchases one of the greatest consumer expenditures is cybernetic enhancements whether poor or wealthy it is common to flaunt your wealth and status through your quantity and quality of the newest and greatest cybernetic enhancements.
Govt: Corporate totalitarian
Social: State workers, Fashionable body alterations
Tech: Exceedingly powerful cybernetic enhancements
Economy: Consumer goods, Cybernetics, Medical
Flaw: Overzelous enhancements, low self image
Character options: Cybernetics(must choose 1 with points), body language(sk)
Cybernetics(1-3 major or 1 radical)
• Bionic limb(ut209)
• Bionic sense(ut209)
• Bionic vitals(ut210)
• Memory Flesh (ut211)
• Subdermal Armor(ut211)
• Accelerated Reflexes (ut212)
• Cyberhair(ut212)
• Variskin(ut213)
• Reinforced Skeleton(ut214)
• Ripsnake(ut215)
• Braintap jack(ut215)
• Computer Implant(ut215)
• Chipslot(ut216)
• Neural jack(ut217)
• Neurotherapy Implant(ut217)

Minor Cybernetics(1-5 simple/minors)

• Cyberclaws(ut211)
• Filter lungs(ut211)
• Fleshpocket(ut211)
• Gyrobalance(ut211)
• Hidden compartment(ut211)
• Implant Radio(ut211)
• Implant Video comm.(ut211)
• Smart Tatoos
• Stinger(ut212)
• Hand weapon mount(ut212)
Limits apply to those purchased with points and at least one major/radical or 3+ minors must be purchased via points, there is no limit to those purchased by money from the provided list. The most expensive point costs must be used on points if others are bought with cash.
Implants purchased pregame with money must roll a surgery (skill 17) roll to determine effects to attractiveness and possible quirks. Penalties and other quirks apply to second hand enhancements.

Template: -10+cybernetics points; +1HT; Dis: Selfish(-5) Phantom Voices Annoyance(-5) Paranoia(-10)

During the colonies early founding the system was prone to erratic em pulses rendering most unshielded electronics useless. This made the colony desperately turn to other methods to survive. Organic technology was advanced out of necessity. Bioengineering has become the staple of the colonies survival. The Gaia colonies are the key food supplier for most of the colonies with their great understanding of organic matter. In recent years a want for new technology and the great consumer items of Fakai has led them to human bioengineering where you could get an cybernetic heart from Fakai you could get an Olympic runners heart from Gaia.
Govt: Republic
Social: Communal society
Tech: biological tech advancments
Economy: Agricultural, Medical
Flaw: Low Techlevel
Character options: TL10 Bioengineering enhancements (Bio43-60)
Up to HTx3 points in bioengineering can be taken. Beyond this can be taken but for every enhancement beyond the threshold taken a HT check is made at a penalty of -1 for every 10 points above the threshold. A failed HT check can cause a random adverse trait at no point gain. This can be bought off with an additional 50 point cost
Template: 11 points; +1HT; +1Per TL8; Adv: Fit(5) Perk: Good Genetics(HP/FP may reach up to 150
governing stat)

The colony originally founded on a planet that was decent enough. It was able to sustain the colonists but never quite able to thrive. It wasn’t long before the inhabitance began to witness odd events. Phantoms walking, objects moving on their own. It was in the second year of their inhabitance they they discovered the source. A rare compound found in the mountainsides. The compound creating psionic effects on the inhabitance of the planet. Over time they learned to harness these abilities and focus them. In the recent decades they have focused their attentions to intellectual pursuits usually not inclined to physical labor mostly able to manage most physical needs with their psionic abilities.

Govt: Communal democracy
Social: Intelectual community
Tech: Psionic
Economy: Consultation
Flaw: Low self image low physical focus
Character options: Psionics
Choose a single specialization with upto IQx3 points and IQ in points from any specialization, trained by a master opens a second specialization.
 Anti-psi
 Astral Projection
 Ergokinesis
 Electrokinesis
 Photokinesis
 Remote Senses
 Probobility
 Healing
 Vampirism
 Psychokisesis
 Telepathy
 Control
 Offensive Telepathy
 Defensive
 Teleportation
 Biokinesis
 Psycometabolism
Template: 5points; -1 ST 1 IQ; Adv: Psionic Disad unfit
The inhabitance of Ferron have suffered much since their arrival in the cluster. During their travels the cryo process damaged the colonists on a genetic level. Almost all suffering in quality of life much earlier than other colonists due to this genetic flaw. However the star that burns brighter fades quicker is said to describe a Ferron colonist. Many from Ferron are the most gifted artisans and craftsmen in the cluster, seemingly natural artists and engineers they are able to create some of the greatest mechanical works in the cluster, even beginning work on AI programs beyond their counterparts.
Govt: Oligarcy
Social: Caste system
Tech: Machinery, robotics
Economy: Machinery
Flaw: Technelogical reliance, shortened lifespan
Character options:
Gizmo 1 or 2
wasp 5pts(Non-Volitional aerial scout drone UT80)105 points
Raptor 10pts (Non-Volitional Warbot UT 167) 150 points
ST 18 DX10 SM
2 DR 25 HP+10
Infravision, DR 25(cannot where armor) Lifting ST 10
Crawler 3 pts(Non-Volitional Techbot) 75 points
Lifting st 5(15)
Laser weaponry
Weapon Damage Acc Rng Wgt RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost
Beam weapon(rifle
Carbine 5d(2)brn 8 500/1500 6/2C 10 10(3) 5t -3 1 4600
Rifle 6d(2)brn 8 700/2100 8/D 10 20(3) 7t -4 1 8000
Beam (Gunner)
Dinosaur laser 9d(2)brn 12 1300/3900 30/E 1 35 13tB -8 1 19000
Gatling laser 6d(2)brn 12 2500/8700 70/E 16 100 15tB -8 1 50000
Beam Weapon(pistol)
Heavy Laser Pistol 4d(2) brn 6 300/900 3.5/2c 10 10(3) 6 -2 1 2400

Cybernetics(x2 cost)
• Bionic limb(ut209)
• Bionic sense(ut209)
• Subdermal Armor(ut211)
• Cyberclaws(ut211)
• Hand weapon mount(ut212)
• Hidden compartment(ut211)
• Implant Radio(ut211)
• Implant Video comm.(ut211)

Template: 0 points; HT-1 Advantage: Artificier 1(10) high man. Dx 1 (5) Versitile(5) Disadvantage: Short lifespan(-10)

The colonists of the Mollen colony were part of several other colonies. They were religious pilgrims with a belief that the answers to life could be found among the stars. They traveled across the several systems in the colony belt before settling on Mollen. They were separated from the other colonies longer than any other. The rock of Mollen largely uninhabitable, hence it’s lack of colonies by the other groups. When they were found they had seemed to have mysterious abilities. They believe miracles from their god, but others believe that some phenomena or similar attributes to Chyron might be factors although no conclusive evidence to either conclusion could be discerned. The colonists of Mollen were actually one of the first to take back to the stars but they mainly did so in arc ships small groups heading off into the stars to continue their spiritual journey that perhaps their decendents would uncover. The arc ships the base for the designs for many colony ships heading back to earth. A few Mollen missionaries had joined the convoys back to earth, however as they travel they admit that their connection with god seems to wane.
Govt: Theocratic Monarchy
Social: Feudal system
Tech: Exploration
Economy: Average
Flaw: Religious piety

Colonial Nations

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