In the 22nd Century earth had become crowded the Sol colonies running on finite resources. A new wave of popularity was seen across the system to explore outside of our home system. The first great break a probe returning data to earth of a string of systems all bearing likely planetoids that could support life. Within a few years over a dozen separate colony expeditions were deployed. Entering cryosleep for the fifty year journey they awoke to find their new homes. Most of the colonists found capable planets to support their new way of life. However a decade passed, and promised second wave colonists never arrived. Over the next century under supplied colonists eaked their way out on their new worlds eventually spreading to the stars again creating new colonies in their systems. Trade established to the other colonies that previously only shared radio communications between each other. The colonies strived over the next century when in the earth’s 25th century the colonists decided to form operations to return to their long lost home world. The first to leave the cluster of systems was the United colonies confederacy, A loose body of governance over the collective colonies. They would be the first to reach the distant system, however not the last within a years time another five convoys were scheduled to reach earth.

The UCC were in need of colonists the call going out across the cluster “all able bodied and skilled individuals may sign up for passage to Earth, trading 10 years labor or equivalent in payment.” Anyone is able to sign up to travel as long as they contribute to the colony governance for 10 years worth of labor or pay their passage.

Aboard the flagship Stargazer the automatic sequences triggered. Alarms sounding as the skeleton crew began the awaking process of the colonists. The crew being re-briefed on their mission. First to scan the integrity of the planet, second establish contact with the inhabitant, third to establish a base of operations. The Stargazer teeming with life on its previously dormant halls, Reaching the outskirts of the solar system they prepared to launch a set of manned scoutcraft to move ahead of the main convoy and establish the primary goals of the mission.

The Way Home